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Nuclear, Plasma and Radiological Engineering
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Useful Links

Computational Tools in Nuclear Engineering

  • DIF3D 8.0/VARIANT8.0: Code System Using Variational Nodal Methods and Finite Difference Methods to Solve Neutron Diffusion and Transport Theory Problems.

  • MCNP-VISED 4C2 :Visual Editor for Creating MCNP4C2 Input Files.

  • ORIGEN-JENDL32: Isotope Generation and Depletion Code with Libraries based on JENDL 3.2.

  • KENO3D 2: A Visualization Tool for KENO V.a and KENO-VI Geometry Models, Version 2.00.

  • WIMS-ANL, Version 4.00: Deterministic Code System for Lattice Calculation.

  • SCALE 4.4a: Modular Code System for Performing Criticality and Shielding Assessment for Licensing Evaluation

  • TRIGAP: A Computer Code for TRIGA Type Reactors.

  • TRIGLAV: Code System to Calculate Mixed Cores in TRIGA Mark II Research Reactor.